Dog Snack Goat Jerky Nuggets (125g) - hypoallergenic

Dog Snack Goat Jerky Nuggets (125g) - hypoallergenic

Crunchy goat jerky nuggets with 98% high-quality meat.

✔ grain-free/cereal-free
✔ gently air-dried
✔ beechwood smoked
✔ completely natural product
✔ no chemical ingredients
✔ free from preservatives
✔ single protein quality
✔ made in Germany

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Goat Jerky Nuggets dog snacks

Our Goat Jerky Nuggets are made from 98% Goat meat and apple and contain a wealth of valuable nutrients. A grain-free/cereal-free snack to help your dog stay in shape for longer despite the occasional treat. Made in Germany.

We produce our dog snacks without any grains or gluten because both can cause intolerances or allergies. We also never use sugar, sweeteners, cheap fillers, or chemical preservatives and dyes. Our snacks also contain no artificial flavours or flavour enhancers.

Grain-free/cereal-free Goat Jerky Nuggets dog snacks

Our "Goat Jerky Nuggets" dog snacks are a grain-free/cereal-free, low-calorie reward for any dog. They contains a single source of protein and are also suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Suitable for

Peso netto in g 125
Taglia del cane Mini, Piccola, Media, Grande, Molto grande
Paese di produzione Germania

98% goat jerky, 1.5% apple crude fibre, 0.5% sea salt - hypoallergenic

Costituenti analitici /kg

Proteine gregge in % 51,7
Grassi greggi in % 28,9
Fibre gregge in % 2,4
Ceneri gregge in % 6,4

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